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Kickboxing Montreal
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Tel.: 514.713.8099
486 St. Catherine W., #305 Downtown Montreal.
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Starts in September

starts August 11, 2022.

Call 514 713 8099

Space is limited. First come first serve.

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Kickboxing Montreal
Kickboxing Montreal is Montreal's first and largest Women's Martial Arts club.

Founded by Sifu Shadia Habib (a certified master of Chinese martial arts) with over 30 years experience, the centre is located in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Our classes are open to students of all levels. We especially welcome beginners without previous experience.

Our goal is to create strong, confident, health women ready to combat all challenges in life.

Originally, martial arts were created to preserve life through self defence. Today, people come from different backgrounds, all with their own reasons for wanting to train.

Some want to learn how to defend themselves, while others want to improve their fitness. Martial arts are a vehicle for physical, mental, personal, and emotional development.

The training includes shadow kickboxing, equipment training on the pads, shields, 2 person drills, calisthenics, strength training, stretching, conditioning and endurance training.

Get into the best shape of your life!

Begginers are welcome!

Tel.: 514.713.8099
Shadia Habib


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